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Gertsburg Law Firm Supports Dementia Research with Every New Estate Plan Created

By August 21, 2018No Comments

Many of our clients, and we ourselves have faced the challenge of having a family member receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia. Recognizing the struggle that this condition causes, we’ve decided to do something about it. That’s why Meg Pauken and The Gertsburg Law Firm are teaming up with Dr. Cameron Camp and the Center for Applied Research in Dementia to support advances in our treatment and care of dementia. Starting today, a portion of the fee for every Estate Plan created will be donated to dementia research.

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The Center for Applied Research in Dementia is focused on creating innovative interventions for persons with dementia, Alzheimer’s and related disorders. Montessori-Based Dementia Programming® has been proven to successfully engage persons with dementia and serves as means of implementing person-centered approaches to care, creating an environment that provides respect and dignity to all persons. Cen4ard also provides Cognitive Rehabilitation and Training, Staff Training, Program Evaluation, and cutting-edge research into dementia interventions and care. Learn more about their work at

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Competent estate planning ensures that seniors, parents, and adults prepare wills and trusts that provide a financially solvent and emotionally supportive future for spouses, children, and friends. At Gertsburg Law, our estate planning and litigation lawyers are experienced in drafting the right documents to match a client’s goals and desires. We review all the concerns of each person we represent, such as saving on inheritance and estate taxes, trying to eliminate the need for probate, minimizing the likelihood of disputes between children and heirs, and providing for those who cannot take care of themselves, including the possibility that our client may become incapacitated. Learn more about our services at or call Meg Pauken at (440) 571-7542 to schedule a consultation.

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