Cleveland Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

We work to avoid costly litigation; however, sometimes litigation is the best business solution.

Our attorneys advise business owners on steps and procedures they can take to prevent litigation. When disputes do occur, our lawyers understand that there is a balance between getting justice and getting economic results. We strive to negotiate fair settlements but treat every dispute as though it might go to trial.

We routinely represent companies in court for:

  • Contract disputes. These disputes include demands for payment and demands to deliver performance.
  • Confidentiality and non-compete violations. Employees have the right to earn a living but they should not unfairly benefit from dishonest or unlawful practices.
  • Shareholder disputes. Our firm handles challenges by shareholders, arguments over buyout agreements, complaints by minority shareholders, deadlocks between shareholders, and any other type of shareholder complaint.
  • Wrongful termination lawsuits. When a former employee accuses your company of wrongful termination, our lawyers can help you prove that employee was fired lawfully.
  • Government compliance litigation. We defend businesses when government agencies and individuals complain that the corporation or company has failed to comply with federal and state laws on discrimination, disability, safety, privacy, taxes, and other types of regulated business conduct that is governed by laws.
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