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The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was established by the federal government to prevent employment discrimination on the basis of age. Violation allegations can subject your business to serious financial liabilities. A knowledgeable employment law attorney assists companies in establishing policies to prevent ADEA violations and also provides a zealous defense against accusations of discrimination. Trust the attorneys of Gertsburg Licata to promote your company’s compliance and defend against age discrimination allegations.

Reliable counsel helps your business stay ADEA compliant

The ADEA applies to businesses with 20 or more employees. It prohibits the following activities against a person 40 years of age or older:

  • Refusing to hire an individual or discharging an individual due to age
  • Discriminating in pay, benefits, or working conditions based on age
  • Limiting opportunities for professional advancement due to age
  • Providing less compensation to older workers than similarly situated workers who are younger

Our attorneys know that much is at stake in your business, so we diligently work to help you strategize against Title VII allegations.The ADEA also prohibits retaliation against employees who report age discrimination within the workplace. An experienced Cleveland employment law attorney helps your business establish internal policies that promote compliance with the ADEA. We help your company create a comprehensive employee handbook that specifically addresses potential age discrimination. We can also assist with an individual age discrimination policy and training for your employees. Our attorneys help businesses to ensure that these policies adequately address discrimination concerns.

Trusted guidance through the ADEA process

Age discrimination accusations begin with an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charge. Generally, the employee must file the charge within 180 days of the alleged discrimination. During the investigation phase, the EEOC will contact your business and ask for a response to the charge of discrimination. This is called a position statement. A skilled Cleveland employee discrimination lawyer helps businesses create a response that adequately addresses the allegations, while defending the company’s actions. Once the statement is submitted, the EEOC may attempt to mediate and settle the dispute. If no settlement is met, or the EEOC finds probable cause to continue, the EEOC may pursue litigation against the company. If no probable cause is found, the EEOC will still issue a “right to sue” letter, which allows the employee to file a lawsuit against the company.

At Gertsburg Licata, our attorneys have extensive experience with employment discrimination matters. We zealously work to promote your company’s interests throughout the EEOC investigative phase. If a trial becomes necessary, your company will benefit from our years of successful business litigation experience. We know what is at stake when your business faces such serious allegations, and that is why we work hard to defend your company’s actions and interests.

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Gertsburg Licata offers our clients the knowledge that comes with years of valuable business litigation experience. If you are facing an employee discrimination legal matter involving the ADEA, our trustworthy labor and employment law attorneys are prepared to help. Call our office today at 216-573-6000 or complete our contact form for reliable and professional ADEA representation.