Gertsburg Licata represents businesses, corporations, and executives facing allegations of criminal activity. Businesses and executives must be careful not to violate laws regulating the financial activities of a business or individuals representing the business. Companies or individuals accused of financial crimes need attorneys with decades of experience to ensure a solid defense. Our skilled attorneys know what it takes to navigate any case from allegation and investigation through a trial and, when necessary, an appeal.  

Gertsburg Licata will go the distance to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients, including those accused of bribery. 

What is Bribery?

Bribery occurs when financial or material compensation is offered or solicited to influence the actions of a person who holds a public office or legal duty. In business, bribes can happen when employees are provided an incentive to reveal company secrets, illegally record or film meetings, or commit other acts that are an attempt to defraud or extort another person or business entity.

Criminal charges can be brought against both the person allegedly making the bribe and the person accepting the bribe. To be convicted of bribery, prosecutors must prove the existence of a quid pro quo relationship, intent, and that the action, outcome, or decision was altered due to the bribe. Prosecutors will need to prove all these conditions exist before filing charges, making a solid legal defense even more important.

There are many different types of bribery allegations, and when multiple people are involved in a scheme, charges can include conspiracy.

Bribery of a Public Official Bribing a public official can happen directly or indirectly and involves the promise of something of value given to an elected official in exchange for an official act.  

Illegal Gratuity to a Public Official – Like bribery, illegal gratuity to a public official involves compensating a public official for doing an official act. There is no promise of this compensation before the action takes place; however, the gratuity is illegal due to the influence the payment can have on future acts of the official.  

Bribery or Reward of a Bank Officer Giving, offering, or promising something of value to a bank employee, attorney, or financial officer of an institution in connection with a financial or business transaction. The Bank Bribery Act also makes it illegal for a bank or financial officers to accept such bribes or offers of rewards.  

Conspiracy Conspiracy is when two or more people get together and plan to bribe a public official, financial officer, or other person of influence. Conspiracy must meet three standards to be charged—agreeing to pay a bribe, intent to pay the bribe and an overt act towards paying the bribe.  

Bribery Legal Defense Help

When your business is facing bribery charges or is under investigation, the best attorneys are needed to ensure a solid defense. The attorneys at Gertsburg Licata offer engaged federal criminal defense counsel for businesses and corporations of all sizes. 

Our attorneys act quickly to establish contact with prosecutors, conduct a thorough investigation, and interact with federal agents to negotiate the best outcomes, including dismissal of charges. Our staff conducts our own investigations and examines how prosecutorial evidence was obtained. Suppose there is evidence of police or investigator misconduct such as an illegal search and seizure, tampering with evidence, or other activity that could affect the outcome of the investigation. In that case, Gertsburg Licata attorneys and staff will bring these things to light.  

Bribery and conspiracy charges have severe penalties, including a fine equal to three times the value of the bribe, and up to 15 years in federal prison. Being convicted of bribery or conspiracy can make a person ineligible to run for office, hold a trust, or make a profit in the United States. We will work diligently to provide a legal defense for our clients that includes favorable outcomes for both the present and the future. Not only is our firm skilled in criminal defense, investigations, and litigation, many of our clients also retain our services as chief legal counsel for day-to-day business matters, so their interests are protected 24/7.  

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