Representation and Dispute Resolution for Real Property Conflicts

Resolving commercial and residential property disputes throughout Ohio

Our real estate lawyers work with you to understand the core to understand exactly what the dispute is about. Is it about territory, access, the ability to use the land, responsibility for repairs, or maintenance and security? Once we understand the basis of the dispute, we first try to achieve an amicable resolution. When your neighbor just isn’t being reasonable, we file claims in the appropriate state and federal courts. We then litigate them until a fair settlement or verdict is obtained.

Types of property disputes we handle

Property disputes generally include arguments about the right to possess the property and the right to use the property. If the dispute is about a boundary, attorneys begin to address the dispute by conducting:

  • Surveys. We normally recommend that a reputable licensed surveyor perform a professional survey. The survey should say exactly where the boundary lines are located based on the deeds that have been recorded.
  • Appraisals. An appraisal determines the market value of the property based on where the boundary lines are located.
  • Title searches. Buyers, as a matter of course, should always get a title report before they buy any property. A title search can also be done after the purchase. The title search details what existing legal claims already exist against the property (i.e., judgments, liens, etc.).

Adverse possession is another type of claim against real property. Adverse possession is a way for someone to claim ownership of property even though they don’t have a deed and are not the record owner. Generally, the person has to openly and notoriously possess the property for an extended term of years. The possession must be hostile to the intended use of the record property owner and must be continuous and exclusive. A court ultimately makes the determination if the adverse possession claim has merit.

Other types of boundary disputes we handle include right-of-way conflicts, hazards on the property including hazardous waste, the right to plant trees and ownership of the trees, easements, joint ownership, control over driveways, and squatter’s rights. We also work with engineers, architects, and builders in complex real estate matters.

Speak with a knowledgeable property rights attorney as soon as a dispute beings

As with most legal matters, delay can hurt your case. Delay to address the issue can be construed as acceptance. Waiting can not only make the other property owner feel emboldened, but it can also cause physical damage to your property. Our Cleveland real estate lawyers fully understand property and contract law. To speak with an experienced attorney about your real property, please call us at (216) 573-6000 or complete our contact form.