Corporate Internal Investigations

Gertsburg Licata has extensive experience working with corporate clients to conduct internal investigations. We have worked with public and private companies of all sizes to conduct comprehensive internal investigations for corporate criminal and civil cases. Our attorneys have the skills necessary to communicate effectively to prosecutors and regulators to secure resolutions in our clients’ best interests and aim to avoid trial or criminal proceedings. 

Our Experience with Corporate Internal Investigations

Our attorneys have represented both companies dealing with a wide range of investigative needs including: 

  • Allegations of earnings manipulation 
  • Accounting irregularities 
  • EPA violations 
  • Federal regulatory probes 
  • SEC inquiries 
  • Investigations concerning loan loss reserves 
  • Fair value accounting and valuation 
  • FDIC receivership 
  • Asset transfers 
  • Mortgage-backed securities  
  • Debt transfer 
  • Risk disclosure 
  • Accrual and loss contingency accounting 
  • Revenue recognition 
  • Capitalization 
  • Bill and hold compliance 
  • Amortization 
  • Investigations related to trading companies 
  • FDA violations 
  • Executive improprieties  
  • Insider trading 
  • Environmental regulations 

We have decades of experience resolving disputes after internal investigations and enforcing the corporation’s rights using corporate governance documents.  

Many of our attorneys have impressive experience in corporate internal investigations, both as in-house counsel and as former prosecutors at the state and federal levels investigating major criminal networks. When we conduct corporate internal investigations, our attorneys will also advise companies on compliance programs and any other corporate governance issues that may arise during the internal review. Our firm also is the home of CoverMySix®, a proactive compliance management service that ensures your protection against the six likely litigants of your business.  

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Corporate Investigations Gertsburg Licata Can Help Your Company With

Attorneys with the Gertsburg Licata can help with many different investigations related to any of the areas above.  

When the IRS determines accounting irregularities, evasion, or fraud; or prosecutors are investigating your financial statements, Gertsburg Licata Law can perform investigations on your company’s accounting practices that often result in financial restatements being issued.  

If a company director is accused of not properly exercising their fiduciary duties when voting on commercial transactions, our attorneys can conduct investigations into the transactions and ethics involved in the accusations. 

We can represent special committees of international companies when there are allegations of FCPA violations across multiple states or countries.  

If the environmental protection agency or other regulatory body makes allegations of not following regulations such as proper waste disposal, hazardous waste storage, carbon output, or other deficiencies, our attorneys can investigate the claims and help your company prove compliance or become compliant fast.  

Our attorneys are experts at coordinating with foreign and domestic regulatory bodies and law enforcement on matters of corporate fraud to ensure that your company’s best interest is managed and protected by professionals with decades of experience. 

Gertsburg Licata can conduct investigations into trade secret information sharing between companies and their competitors, as well as employment practices and OSHA violation allegations. 

If federal investigators accuse one of your international business units of misconduct or violation of securities laws in cases of corporate acquisitions, awarding of contracts, or procurement of shipments, our attorneys can conduct investigations across international borders.  

If a senior member of management has been accused of insider trading, having unethical stock option grant practices, or financial fraud of any kind, our team at Gertsburg Licata Law can conduct an internal investigation into the claims and provide evidence to the director, owner, or company board on how to proceed with criminal or civil suits, employment, and disciplinary action, and more. 

Doing business requires owners, directors, managers, and boards to follow strict regulations and laws regarding their business practices and taxes. Our team of partners, attorneys, and paralegals can not only investigate allegations but also work with federal and state prosecutors to negotiate compliance orders that are in your company’s best interest. We can also represent companies in court when charges are brought by regulatory bodies or prosecutors.  

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