Identity Theft

Gertsburg Licata lawyers have years of experience investigating and litigating serious and complex crimes, including corporate identity theft. 

People often associate identity theft with credit card fraud, compromised checking accounts, and other financial burdens that can happen when personal identification and records are stolen. This type of identity theft is called consumer fraud. However, businesses are often some of the biggest victims of identity theft crimes, and Gertsburg Licata knows how to help corporations and businesses of all sizes ensure their identity and rights are protected. 

Business Identity Theft

Most people do not realize how identity theft can affect businesses, partnerships, and estates; however, businesses are frequent victims of identity theft.  

Business identity theft, also called commercial or corporate identity theft, happens when someone impersonates a business, or the employee of a company, for personal gain—usually involving money. Business identity theft fraud is a much larger crime than consumer identity theft and can affect more than one person.  

Identity theft can happen to businesses, no matter how many safeguards are in place, even if you have the newest, hi-tech digital security available, your business is vulnerable to identity theft.  

One of the reasons thieves target corporations is the copious amounts of cash that flow in and out of the system daily. Large bank transactions, easy access to lines of credit, and many financial transactions make stealing large sums of money easy for criminals and sometimes undetectable.  

Damages Caused by Business Identity Theft

Gertsburg Licata attorneys take business identity theft very seriously. We understand the damage inflicted upon businesses due to financial crimes such as corporate identity theft.  

Corporate or business identity theft consequences include delinquent accounts, negative reporting to the credit bureaus, and tax disputes between state and federal agencies. There are also the business’s reputation and liability issues associated with an occurrence of identity theft. 

Negative credit reporting can impact the ability of a business to secure financing, affect refinancing, and personal credit can also be at risk for business owners. Disputes with the IRS can lead to high fines, the revocation of your business license, and much more. Business CEOs, accountants, or owners sometimes do not find out they have been victims of corporate identity theft until they get notification of fraudulent tax returns from the IRS.  

Common Corporate/Business Identity Theft Scams

Some of the identity theft scams criminals use to steal from corporations include submitting fake invoices for services, wire transfers and phishing scams. Another popular scam is to pose as a business or organization and tell the business managers that licensing fees, membership dues, or renewal and certification fees are due.  

Our attorneys can work with your business and office managers, accountants, and other financial officers to collect the relevant information, including any mail from the IRS, regulatory bodies, or financial institutions. We will work with the local police, the Federal Trade Commission, and the three credit bureaus. Businesses may also need to work with their accountants or treasurers to freeze accounts during identity theft investigations.  

When your business needs vigilant legal representation to combat business identity theft, Gertsburg Licata has the know-how to ensure you are legally protected. Our attorneys can also provide day-to-day consultation and legal advice for all your company’s financial transactions, bylaws, and business needs. From small businesses and start-ups to middle-market companies, Gertsburg Licata is here to help. 

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