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Are you a small to mid-size business in need of an attorney? At Gertsburg Licata, our attorneys have decades of experience in building lasting relationships with our clients to establish trust and confidence in our practice. We will represent your interests just as we would our own, whether you own a startup, have a long-standing business, or are a public official or investor. 

We specialize in white-collar criminal defense and have a proven record of accomplishment representing business owners and executives through some incredibly stressful situations.  

Many of our attorneys and investigators have impressive experience in corporate internal investigations, both as in-house counsel and as former prosecutors and law enforcement at the state and federal levels investigating complex white-collar crimes, violent crimes, and administrative investigations of employee misconduct. When we conduct corporate internal investigations, our staff will also advise companies on compliance programs and any other corporate governance issues that may arise during the internal review. Our firm also is the home of CoverMySix®, a proactive compliance management service that ensures your protection against the six litigants of your business.  

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Not only can we defend you at trial, but we can also serve as your company’s chief legal advisor. Our attorneys work with your business to ensure you comply with state and federal laws and government regulations, and your financial transactions do not expose your business to investigation or criminal charges 

Not only can we defend you at trial, but we can also serve as your company’s chief legal advisor. Our attorneys work with your business to ensure you comply with state and federal laws and government regulations, and your financial transactions do not expose your business to investigation or criminal charges. Our attorneys recognize how important it is to protect business interests and keep litigation away from the public eye. 

Our Experience in White Collar Criminal Defense

What is white-collar criminal defense? White-collar criminal defense attorneys defend businesses, executives, CEOs, public officials, and other high-profile individuals against accusations of illegal business practices. Some of the most common areas of criminal defense our attorneys specialize in include: 

Public Corruption When public officials and businesspeople face allegations of public corruption, bribery, campaign finance offenses, unethical behavior, and other offenses that could ruin their reputation at best, and land them in jail at worst, Gertsburg Licata has their back. We understand how to navigate complex, large-scale cases that could result in multi-year probes played out in very public ways, and our attorneys can provide high-quality defense and investigation tactics to clear your name. 

Mail, Wire, Bank FraudClients that have been accused of embezzlement, bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud, wire transfer fraud, tax evasion, and other crimes involving fraud can turn to Gertsburg Licata for a strong defense that can reduce your risk of incarceration, negotiate plea deals, avoiding forfeiture of assets, and even having charges dropped.  

Assets, Money Laundering, and Currency Violations If the government seizes your money and property due to allegations of tax evasion, Gertsburg Licata will work with prosecutors not to file criminal charges and get your property returned. We also investigate and represent companies dealing with internal embezzlement issues by employees to reach agreements on restitution and those involved in currency structuring investigations. 

Corporate and Securities FraudBusiness owners and CEOs that have allegations of failing to disclose transactions, misrepresenting their public filings and debt obligations, obstruction of justice, internal investigations related to accounting and billing, state securities fraud investigations, can rely on our firm to handle lawsuits that protect our client’s interests. We also have experience in fighting allegations of insider trading, fraudulent trades to hide losses or inflate profits, evasion of regulatory oversight, misuse of corporate funds for personal gain, market timing schemes, falsification of assets, and other corporate fraud concerns.  

Health Care Fraud/Medical Matters White-collar criminal defense is also applicable to the medical field. Our attorneys can defend doctors, nurses, and medical office managers against allegations of false billing, fraud, medical license suspension, embezzlement, substance abuse, breach of confidentiality, and more to help reduce the risk of charges, negotiate settlements and avoid license suspensions or revocations. 

Trade Secrets Has your employee been charged with allegations of theft of trade secrets? The Gertsburg Licata firm handles white-collar crimes involving trade secrets, patents, ITAR violations, and more. We have experience representing everyone from scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, defense contractors, and government employees. 

Environmental Protection Agency Violations Have you or your company been accused of not properly disposing or storing of hazardous waste or violating the Clean Air Act? The attorneys at Gertsburg Licata can help navigate these allegations and work with the EPA to resolve these issues. 

RacketeeringThe federal and state-organized crime statutes (a.k.a. RICO) govern the way businesses can acquire or assert control over another business. Offenses to RICO include types of corporate fraud, bribery, gambling, money laundering, murder for hire, obstructing justice, and other financial crimes. If you are accused of violating the RICO statute, you will need attorneys skilled at litigation and financial crimes, which you will find at Gertsburg Licata.  

When your company faces criminal investigation or charges, we will do whatever it takes to protect your business and personal interests. 

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