Outside Counsel with In-House Experience

General Counsel services for entrepreneurs and executive leadership teams

Ever wish you could just bounce an idea off an attorney who knows your business, or have a lawyer do a quick review of a non-critical contract that has some legalese you do not understand? Our General Counsel attorneys have served as chief legal officers and are current and former owners of various businesses. We understand the need for efficient, practical legal advice and have broad experience in a variety of areas including telecommunications, technology, automotive, insurance, real estate, food service, sports, and other industries.

General Counsel services we provide

Depending on a host of factors, including the size, industry sector, and growth plans for your business, we may recommend one or more of the following services:

  • Corporate governance. We serve as corporate secretary to ensure good corporate governance and compliance with all legal and internal operating protocols.
  • Contracts. We draft and negotiate supplier, real estate, and other commercial contracts, and provide “playbooks” for your employees to use when negotiating contracts themselves.
  • Achieving core business goals. Our lawyers assist in the development of strategic planning goals, including labor-management relations, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.
  • Talent management. We address legal aspects of recruitment, executive compensation, employment contract development and negotiations, on-boarding, performance evaluations, discipline, and terminations.
  • Hiring. We assist with major hiring needs, including tapping into public and private training and grant money resources.
  • Government compliance. We manage third-party vendor and governmental audits for ISO, OHSAS, OSHA, DOL, EEO, and other regulatory purposes. Our lawyers serve as the primary point of contact for governmental regulators and auditors. We also create and manage Affirmative Action Plans for federal contract compliance.
  • Labor-employee relations. Our firm handles all aspects of labor relations, including collective bargaining negotiations, grievances, arbitration, and contract administration.
  • Best management practices. We help you train employees and supervisors on best management practices, including diversity and non-harassment, hiring, firing, and everything in between.
  • Internal reviews. Our attorneys can help you conduct internal investigations when unethical or illegal behavior has been alleged.
  • Internal audits. We conduct internal audits of payroll, employee relations, safety, and environmental functions.
  • Emergency management. Our firm can help you develop crisis communication plans and protocols, serving as the point of contact when crises do arise.

Our wide range of business law experience allows the team to provide your business with high-quality advice and representation.

Our evaluation process

The aim of our General Counsel practice is to provide the service of and access to the equivalent of your own employee attorney at a flat monthly rate. At the onset, our attorneys will visit your location and learn your business, at our cost. As the relationship continues, the flat fee will be open to reconsideration to ensure that the relationship is favorable to both attorney and client. The ultimate goal is to become a trusted member of your company’s decision-making team.

Consult with an experienced General Counsel attorney today.

Our General Counsel attorneys have real-world experience. We have helped entrepreneurs form, grow, expand, and mature their businesses. Instead of adding expensive in-house lawyers, or contracting out ad hoc projects, consider engaging with business attorneys who understand your challenges. To schedule a consultation, please call (216) 573-6000 or fill out our contact form.