We Help Nonprofits Obtain State and Federal Tax-Exempt Status

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Obtaining tax-exempt status can prove extremely challenging for nonprofit organizations. Both the federal government and the State of Ohio require numerous forms and documents before exempting a nonprofit organization from tax liabilities. The process can be extremely time-consuming and challenging without assistance from an experienced nonprofit attorney. At Gertsburg Licata, we routinely assist nonprofit clients to secure their tax-exempt status.

How to obtain federal tax-exempt status

The IRS requires an organization to complete numerous forms and applications before approving federal tax-exempt status. When seeking this designation, you must first determine whether your organization falls under the classification of a potentially exempt organization. This includes such nonprofits as charitable organizations, labor associations, or fraternal societies.

If your organization fits into one of these classifications, you must then request an Employer Identification Number and file an application for exemption recognition. The form includes numerous questions about your organization’s operations and financial circumstances. It also requires the submission of supporting documentation. It is very important that your submitted application is accurate and complete because the IRS will not consider incomplete applications. Our knowledgeable Chagrin Falls nonprofit attorneys assist with the various IRS filings.

Helping nonprofit clients secure Ohio state tax exemptions

In the state of Ohio, some nonprofits can apply for a sales tax exemption. Your organization must first meet the statutory definition of a nonprofit, which requires that your organization not operate for the purpose of obtaining pecuniary gain and maintain a charitable purpose within one of the following categories:

  • Poverty relief
  • Health improvement
  • Elderly services
  • Public broadcasting
  • Arts
  • Education

Nonprofits that fall into one of these categories must file documentation with the state to request a tax exemption. The process of securing exempt status can prove challenging. The filings are lengthy and require numerous supporting documents. In addition, once tax-exempt status is secured, the organization must routinely file documents with the state for continuous exemption status. Our skilled Cleveland nonprofit lawyers work with clients to complete all required documents and maintain compliance with state and federal laws.

Trust your nonprofit tax exemption efforts to an experienced Chagrin Falls and Cleveland attorney

The attorneys at Gertsburg Law understand the importance of tax-exempt status for nonprofit entities. These organizations often operate with limited budgets, with the goal of using their funds to serve the community. We offer legal representation to charitable organizations that is cost-effective, yet comprehensive. Our team proudly serves numerous nonprofits within the Cleveland and Chagrin Falls areas. Contact us at (216) 573-6000 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.