Resolution and Litigation Attorneys for Ownership Issues

Strong counsel when shareholders argue over control, breaches of fiduciary duty, ownership and other business issues

Shareholder disputes and partnership conflicts can prevent corporations and businesses from functioning. They can cause a change in ownership, a change in who controls the company, and distress among the officers and company employees. Disputes can stop or slow production, affect the ability to contract with vendors and suppliers, and directly impact customer relations.

Our shareholder dispute lawyers understand why these disputes occur, the strategies for resolving them amicably, and how to litigate them aggressively when friendly solutions can’t be found. We understand that shareholder disputes may be based on emotional issues or that there may be justifiable concerns about how the business is run. Some disputes are simply a matter of the shareholder wanting to move on and get fair value for his/her financial stake in the corporation. Others issues can be more complicated.

Types of shareholder disputes we handle

Shareholders are required to act for the good of the company and the other shareholders. Those who fail this duty may be liable for a breach of fiduciary duty.

Shareholders may be entitled to bring derivative lawsuits. These are actions brought by shareholders for a corporation against individuals, such as corporate officers, directors, or majority owners, to force the defendants to act. They are brought when the company itself declines to act.

Other types of shareholder disputes we handle include:

  • Disputes with owners and managers for misconduct, nonperformance, or neglect
  • Conflicts of interest where a shareholder works for his/her own self-interest against the interests of the company
  • Complaints about executive compensation
  • Disputes when there is a deadlock among corporate officers
  • Conflicts about the value of buyout provisions for corporate officers or other shareholders
  • Disputes about the value or the ownership of the shares
  • Violations of trade secrets
  • Merger and acquisition conflicts
  • The rights of minority shareholders

Shareholder disputes are usually controlled by the terms of the shareholder agreements and the bylaws of the company. Disputes can be tried in court, at arbitration panels, or through mediation depending on the document provisions and the consent of the parties to the dispute.

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Early resolution of disputes can benefit everyone involved. When settlements can’t be reached, we work aggressively to determine responsibility and make any liable parties pay the full damages the agreements and the law allows. To review the details and discuss options to litigate or settle shareholder disputes, please call us at (216) 573-6000 or by completing our contact form.