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At Gertsburg Law, we are dedicated to helping real estate buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants navigate the complexities of Ohio real estate laws and anticipate the practical problems and risks in purchasing or selling property or entering into a long-term lease. Our real estate lawyers appreciate that for most residents, a home purchase will be the largest financial transaction of their lives, and for a business owner, one of their largest assets. Our bottom line goal is to address all the documentation, negotiation and contractual issues so that investments are maximized and liability is minimized.

The types of real estate transactions we handle

Our attorneys have the experience, financial acumen, and practical skills to represent clients in all types of property issues. We have successfully guided clients through the following dealings:

  • Residential purchases. Our lawyers advise clients on the agreement of sale, the mortgage loans, and any other documents before they sign on the dotted line. We help homebuyers understand the loan process, what down payments are required, and who bears the risks if the sale doesn’t go through. We prepare the proper paperwork and address any legal issues before settlement so homebuyers can walk away with the keys and sellers can leave with the right-sized check.
  • Commercial real estate purchases. We advise clients on environmental requirements, commercial lending laws, due diligence, land acquisition concerns, tax issues, municipal laws, and other commercial requirements. Our lawyers represent retailers, builders, apartment owners, industrial owners, real estate investment trusts, and a broad range of small and large businesses.
  • Landlord-tenant leases. For some individuals and companies, a lease — or a lease with an option to purchase — is the more practical choice to buying. Our attorneys help landlords and tenants understand and draft leases that address rent payments, default definitions, renewals, assignments, sub-leases, and the full range of residential and commercial leasing legal issues.
Counseling clients on all stages of a real estate transaction

We guide buyers, purchasers, lessors, and lessees though each stage of the purchase and sale or the lease negotiation. We provide counsel on the following real estate matters:

  • Agreements of sale. We review the bid, the terms of the contract, the requirements for our client, and advise on the possible pitfalls, such as what happens if the buyer cannot obtain a mortgage or the seller cannot give clear title.
  • Inspections. Buyers and lessees should make detailed inspections of the subject properties they are buying, including professional inspections of structural, electrical, plumbing and environmental issues. We explain what local and state laws must be met to ensure the property is in good and habitable condition.
  • Settlement and title issues. We work with title companies to address every issue on the title report so that the buyer gets clear title and the seller does not buy a lawsuit.
  • Zoning. Our real estate attorneys advise and protect clients on the full range of residential and commercial zoning issues, including easements, variances, conditional use approvals, and other zoning matters.

We represent real estate clients in many other aspects of a purchase and sale, such as obtaining the correct permits and property tax issues.

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Our lawyers understand how emotional a purchase or sale can be for families and individuals. We care that many businesses are concerned about the financial security of their workers and the economic stability of their companies. Please call us at (216) 573-6000 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation and speak with an attorney before you sign any real estate contract.