Corporate Fraud

At Gertsburg Licata, we handle corporate law matters that are complex, confidential, and time-sensitive. Our firm specializes in whitecollar criminal defense on issues related to corporate fraud, and we always investigate and litigate with our clients best interests in mind. Through decades of individual and combined experience working with, and even as, state and federal prosecutors, our team understands exactly what it takes to negotiate the best outcomes and protect your reputation and financial standing.  

Types of Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud is a term that refers to activities that companies allegedly conduct in an illegal, unethical, or dishonest way. In most corporate fraud cases, there is financial gain for the perpetuating individual(s) and can impact the economy, company employees, shareholders, investors, and other individuals.  

There are many different forms of corporate fraud, all considered a white-collar crime. Most cases involve allegations of using confidential information in unethical ways, taking advantage of access to sensitive access to leverage financial gain, and elaborate and complex systems to hide fraud through loopholes and smoke screens.  

Accounting Fraud: Allegations of accounting fraud involve altering the corporation’s financial statements to manipulate results such as profits or losses. Misstating assets, failing to record expenses properly, financial statement manipulation, or overstating revenue are also ways that accountants for corporations can be involved in fraud.  

Securities Fraud: Allegations of securities fraud are typically made against stockbrokers or hedge fund managers. This type of fraud unique to the financial industry can include Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, insider trading, and other methods of making a profit at other people’s expense using unethical or illegal trading practices. 

Insider Trading: When investors trade stock using insider knowledge that is not made public, it is called insider trading. However, insider trading can be legal when following the rules of the SEC. Gertsburg Licata can help ensure you are compliant with all the stock market’s regulations. 

Money Laundering: Another common allegation made against corporations is money laundering—the illegal process of making illegitimate funds from criminal activity look legitimate. Money laundering is a serious allegation requiring attorneys specializing in white-collar crime.  

Racketeering: The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and the state equivalent governs the ways businesses can acquire or assert control over another business. Offenses to RICO include types of corporate fraud, bribery, gambling, money laundering, murder for hire, obstructing justice, and other financial crimes. If you are accused of violating the RICO statute, you will need attorneys skilled at litigation and financial crimes, which you will find at Gertsburg Licata. 

Mortgage Fraud: Banks and mortgage companies are under more scrutiny than ever and can be subject to allegations of mortgage fraud. This allegation may involve varied factors, including identity theft, asset falsification, appraisal fraud, predatory lending, mortgage reduction scams, other deliberate misrepresentation. Our firm understands financial law and can represent your company if you have been accused of mortgage fraud. 

Wire Fraud: This type of fraud is a general term that refers to any kind of fraud committed through telecommunications such as a phone call, email, text messaging, and even social media. Another common hallmark of wire fraud is it typically happens across international borders. This federal crime can carry a jail sentence of up to 20 years if convicted and up to half a million dollars in fines for your organization. You will need qualified corporate fraud attorneys like Gertsburg Licata in your corner to defend against these kinds of allegations. 

Consumer Fraud: When someone suffers a monetary loss due to deception, or fraudulent business practices, they have experienced consumer fraud. There are many types of consumer fraud, including mortgage fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud, establishing fake charities or nonprofit organizations, prize and lottery fraud, and debt collection fraud. COVID-19 scams are also on the rise.   

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