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Non-disclosure agreements are utilized to protect the confidential details of a company. When they are violated, businesses can experience loss of trade secrets and other valuable information. Proper handling of non-disclosure violations requires trustworthy representation from seasoned Cleveland business litigation attorneys who understand the severity of what is at risk. The talented team of business lawyers at Gertsburg Licata recognize your business interests and will diligently work to protect them from non-disclosure violations.

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The creation of an effective non-disclosure agreement is vitally important to its enforcement in the future. While these contracts may seem somewhat effortless, an enforceable agreement must meet various legal requirements.
Non-disclosure agreements are effective to protect various types of confidential information, including:

  • Customer and client data. Customer lists and/or data profiles about client preferences
  • Trade secrets. Information and/or methodologies that provide your business with an edge over industry competitors
  • Expansion plans. Information regarding proprietary plans for service or product expansions
  • Funding models. Data created for the purpose of soliciting investments
  • Business methods. Unique sales and distribution methods used within the business

We can help your business establish and enforce non-disclosure agreements that restrict harmful communications and protect your confidential business secrets. The experienced lawyers of Gertsburg Licata acknowledge the effort and time it took to build your business. That is why we diligently work to safeguard the information and resources that make your company stand out from the crowd.

Aggressive pursuit of non-disclosure enforcement

A non-disclosure agreement is an effective tool to promote confidentiality among employees, business partners, potential investors, and even friends. However, they are commonly violated to the potential detriment of your business.

Ohio state courts generally support the enforceability of non-disclosure agreements that are specific to legitimate business interests and reasonably restrictive. In seeking relief for a non-disclosure agreement violation, our attorneys routinely present legal arguments related to the following:

  • The appropriate scope of the confidential information to be protected
  • The reasonable restrictions placed on the party held to non-disclosure under the agreement
  • The appropriateness of the agreement term; in other words, whether it should last for six months or indefinitely, depending on the nature of the information being protected
  • Appropriate relief for violations

When managing a non-disclosure violation, it is useful to secure representation from a skilled Cleveland non-disclosure violation lawyer.

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