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Protecting Ohio businesses from acts and accusations of misconduct

Businesses, competitors, corporate officers, and employees have a duty to conduct business in accordance with the law. When companies or individuals misrepresent the facts, deceive, fail to follow federal and state business law, or steal company information or assets, then the companies, managers, and employees can be sued for a tort. A tort is essentially any civil wrong except for a breach of contract. In business tort cases, the wrongdoer can be sued for punitive damages in addition to economic damages if the wrong was deliberate.

Our business tort attorneys understand what conduct constitutes a tort and what actions are legitimate. We defend companies charged with wrongful business conduct. We also assert the rights of our clients when businesses cause their companies unwarranted financial harm. At Gertsburg Licata, we combine our extensive business experience and our track record of success litigating business contests to help see that financial justice is preserved. In tort cases, we provide experienced counsel on the liability issues, as well as all the damage issues including lost profits. In appropriate cases, we also handle injunction requests.

Types of business torts

Our Cleveland business law attorneys handle various types of business tort litigation, such as:

  • Misrepresentation and fraud. Companies have a duty to be truthful when dealing with customers and with other companies. This duty extends to the ways business partners, corporate officers, trustees, and others deal with the public. A common breach is when a company fails to disclose property defects, when directly asked to disclose them, or the true value of company assets.
  • Tortious interference with the contract. Businesses that intentionally interfere with contracts that other businesses have with vendors and employees can be sued. Interference means taking steps to cause a contract to be breached. The company that interferes can be sued. Competition is permitted, but within certain boundaries of fair play.
  • Tortious Interference with business relations.Even where a business relationship does not rise to the level of a contract, there are circumstances where a third party, typically a competitor, can be sued for interfering with that business relationship. We understand how far a company can go to create a competitive advantage and when the line has been crossed.

Other business torts include unfair trade practices, violations of the antitrust laws, and RICO violations.

We also handle many breach-of-contract claims that are often intertwined with business torts. An example is the violation of an intellectual property agreement. Many companies require that their employees and managers agree that proprietary information will not be disclosed to competitors after the worker leaves the company. Breaches may also be considered tortious wrongs.

Speak with a professional Cleveland business tort lawyer as soon as possible

Business tort litigation is often complex and expensive. Our firm helps companies competently address the underlying tort and damage issues while minimizing the legal expenses. We represent clients from the initial pleadings through discovery, trial, and appeal. We are especially adept at explaining complex business law to juries who often have limited understanding of business operations. We also handle cases before mediators and arbitrators. Please contact Gertsburg Licata at 216-573-6000 or complete our contact form for strong legal litigation advice.