We Provide Sound Guidance on Charitable Giving

Comprehensive counsel to ensure your wishes are followed

Charitable giving is a responsible and admirable way to leave a legacy of community service. This estate planning tool allows you to assist causes that are important to you, while also shielding your hard-earned assets from excessive taxation. If you would like to include charitable giving in your estate plan, contact a trusted estate planning attorney to walk you through the process. With a team of experienced attorneys, Gertsburg Licata provides guidance that you and your family can rely upon.

Helping clients protect their legacy

Many of our clients make charitable donations throughout their lifetimes. They give to causes they care about and also benefit from the associated tax deduction. With a comprehensive estate plan that includes charitable giving, we show these individuals how they can continuously meet both of these objectives, even after death. We have helped numerous clients create charitable donation plans that benefit important causes, as well as their surviving family members. We have helped with the following types of donations:

  • A single charity gift.This type of donation takes the form of money or property. For example, if you own an office building and would like to donate it to a non-profit organization upon your death, this can be accomplished through a charitable donation.
  • Multiple charity gifts.You are not bound to only one organization. We assist you in setting up a gift that benefits multiple charities.
  • Donation of your retirement account funds.We help you arrange a plan that donates any remaining retirement account balance upon your death.
  • Split interest gifts.This option involves the establishment of a trust in the charity’s name during your lifetime. Its benefits include a charitable income tax deduction, retained rights to the donated property, and a reduction in the overall value of your taxable estate.
  • Family Trust or Foundation.You may create and fund a Family Trust or Foundation that makes charitable gifts from trust or foundation assets, according to criteria that you establish.

At Gertsburg Licata, we help you consider all of your charitable giving options. We review the pros and cons of each to assist you in choosing the donation type that best meets your needs and goals. Our attorneys then counsel you through the process of setting up the donation by ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements.

Handling probate litigation matters

In some cases, your family may disagree with your wishes for charitable donations and may challenge your plan in probate court. With representation from our attorneys, you can relax in the knowledge that a trustworthy law firm will advocate for your wishes in the event of a dispute. Our skilled Cleveland estate planning lawyers have successfully litigated numerous probate actions. We respect your right to distribute your estate as you see fit. That is why we zealously defend against legal challenges to your charitable giving plan.

Let a knowledgeable lawyer guide you through the charitable giving process so you can make the most out of your giving.

The attorneys of Gertsburg Licata provide our clients with years of estate planning and probate experience. With our firm, you receive quality representation from attorneys who are highly responsive and dedicated to your interests. Contact our office today at 216-573-6000 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation. Our team proudly provides estate-planning services to the residents of Cleveland, Ohio.