Experienced Lawyers for Real Property Transactions

We help draft, negotiate and settle the sales of homes and commercial property.

Buying a home is often the most expensive purchase individuals and couples make. Buying commercial property can set the foundation for where and how a company does business for generations. The wise choice is to use legal counsel for these significant purchases. Skilled lawyers handle each phase from the review of the sales agreement through inspections and compliance issues to settlement and recording the documents correctly.

Our real property lawyers have decades of experience helping buyers secure the right financial lending package for their purchase so they can quickly settle into their new community. Our attorneys also advise sellers so they can get the maximum financial return, free of worry about litigation and complaints about the condition or title to the property. If litigation is required, our firm has experienced trial attorneys who will aggressively and competently represent your interests in court.

What buy-and-sell matters our attorneys handle

Effective counsel is essential to get the best deal for buyers and the highest sales price for sellers. Professional legal counsel can mean not having to pay a broker’s commission if the sale falls through. Strong representation for sellers can mean the right to keep a deposit if the buyer backs out. Investing in representation ensures your financial interested are secured.

Some of the common buy-and-sell issues we address are:

  • The agreement of sale. The purchase contract sets the terms for the sale. Many brokers and lawyers use standard agreement of sale forms. Our attorneys review each item in the agreement to determine if it fits with the buyer’s or seller’s needs. We negotiate changes, such as contingency clauses, whether the property is being sold “as is,” and the amounts that must be set aside for repairs when needed. We address the possibility of a lease-purchase. Our lawyers also advise residential buyers of the time limits they have for changing their mind.
  • Mortgages. Most residential and commercial buyers do not pay cash for their purchases. We review how much funding is needed, help buyers secure the necessary funding, and review the payment terms so that the buyer can meet the monthly payments. We also review the tax advantages for home or business ownership.
  • Design and use concerns. Every commercial and residential buyer should make a full inspection of the property before they move in and the purchase of the property should be conditioned on the status of the real estate. Status includes what repairs may be needed, environmental compliance, the ability to obtain proper zoning including variances, and a variety of practical and legal factors. Our real estate lawyers work to ensure buyers can use the property for their intended purposes.
  • Clear title. Every buyer needs to have a good title so creditors won’t make claims against the house, neighbors won’t claim that some of the property belongs to them, and utilities won’t claim that the buyer has restricted easement or no access to crucial resources. Sellers need experienced lawyers who can address any issues the title report reveals so that the sale can go through.
  • The agreement of saleSettlement. Our lawyers run through an exhaustive list of checks so when settlement day comes, the papers can be signed, keys exchanged, and everyone gets paid. We take the time to explain the documents buyers and sellers are signing.
  • Post-settlement actions. Our attorneys follow through with all open issues, such as seeing deeds and mortgages are properly recorded with the local recorder of deeds and any new complaints are professionally resolved.

Whether it’s discovery of defects such as termites, dangerous problems like hazardous waste or water-runoffs, repairs required by local government authorities, rest assured we have the experience to competently handle any real property concern that may arise.

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The purchase or sale of a home or business location should be the happiest of times. For residential buyers, it means starting a new life or providing a home for your family. For commercial buyers, it means beginning or expanding a business. There are many items that need to be thoroughly vetted at each stage of the sales process. Please contact us at (216) 573-6000 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced real estate attorneys.