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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employer discrimination on the basis of race, gender, color, national origin, or religion. An employee allegation can significantly burden a company and result in monetary damages, so it is important to implement policies that support compliance with this federal law. A knowledgeable Cleveland employment law attorney helps your business create internal safeguards to prevent Title VII violations. Gertsburg Licata provides companies with trustworthy legal guidance in the area of employment discrimination.

Providing businesses with trusted Title VII guidance

Prevention is an important aspect of Title VII protection. Businesses can best safeguard themselves by creating a culture where discriminatory practices are prohibited and sanctioned appropriately. At Gertsburg Licata, we counsel our business clients on employment law requirements and help them implement strategies for consistent compliance within the workplace, including:

  • Employee handbooks. The employee handbook provides a written explanation of management expectations, requirements and prohibitions. Our lawyers help businesses create comprehensive handbooks that include adequate employment discrimination prohibitions.
  • Anti-discrimination policies. Case law demonstrates that a comprehensive anti-discrimination policy provides employers with some protection against Title VII claims. A skilled employment attorney assists companies in drafting adequate and useful policies that promote employment discrimination prohibitions.
  • Human resource training. Once anti-discrimination policies are implemented, companies should ensure that all employees and managers are adequately trained to comply with them. We assist with best practices training, including employee and supervisor instruction.

Our attorneys know that much is at stake in your business, so we diligently work to help you strategize against Title VII allegations.

Handling cases involving Title VII matters

When employees make Title VII violation allegations, it is extremely important to put forth an aggressive defense against the accusations. Skilled Cleveland employment discrimination lawyers assist with this endeavor, from the initial EEOC investigation to potential courtroom litigation. We have the knowledge to assist with Title VII allegations in relation to the following employment aspects:

  • Hiring and employment separation
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Promotions and transfers
  • Disability leave
  • Job advertisements

Our attorneys have collectively seen every type of employment law dispute. When business clients seek us out, they immediately want to know what to expect and how we can help develop an effective strategy. We always answer your questions honestly and provide your company with trusted legal guidance, so you can confidently focus on business while we focus on Title VII compliance and defenses.

Experienced lawyers promoting Title VII compliance in Cleveland

At Gertsburg Licata, our primary goal is to provide personalized representation for each client. We offer a fresh alternative to large, expensive corporate law firms. Businesses turn to our firm to guide them through even the most complex labor and employment law issues. Call our office today at 216-573-6000 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.