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Alex Gertsburg, Esq.

I believe optimizing your entrepreneurial journey begins and ends with the question “how do you spend your time?”. As much as possible, entrepreneurs should spend their time where three qualities intersect:  activities that bring them joy, activities that use their unique abilities, and activities that make them money. Your goal is to spend as much time as possible doing things that check all three boxes.

The samurai level of this concept is getting your entire team to adopt this strategy, so all employees are spending their time in these three areas, too. That’s incredibly difficult. One entrepreneur did it, though: Nick Sonnenberg from Leverage. Here’s his story.

For another spin on this idea check out Dan Sullivan’s ABC Model Breakthrough (free copy in the link) or any of his writings about “Unique Ability”.


Louis A. Licata, Esq.

Ohio has many consumer protection laws that address issues ranging from credit card transactions to telemarketing to installment contracts. Many of the state’s more than 25 consumer-protection laws have a particular focus that may or may not apply to your business (e.g., the Hearing Aid Returns Act); however, you certainly need to be familiar with two of the consumer protection laws with the broadest applications:  The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act and The Ohio Deceptive Trade Practices Act. 

Picture of book with title "Consumer Protection"

Find out what you need to know in this week’s Legal Fix.


Cassie Pinkerton, Marketing Director

Check out this week’s episode of CEO Confidential, hosted by our very own Alex Gertsburg. This week, Alex chats with Leslie Zinn, CEO and owner of Arden’s Garden, who shares how she turned a potential disaster into a giant opportunity when her biggest distribution partner pulled the plug.

Download all the episodes and listen anytime!


We. Are. Growing! We are excited to welcome the newest additions to the GL family!

Michael Azre joins us as senior counsel for the business litigation practice group. He previously worked in Miami as a partner with the business law firm Waldman Barnett.

Christy Zeyer joins our team as a paralegal. Before her time at GL, she worked in the Estate, Trust and Guardianship Administration practice areas at Hickman & Lowder.

Lastly, Hannah Powall, a recent Ohio University graduate, will be joining our team as a marketing intern. Before joining us, Hannah was an Operations Assistant for the 2021 PGA Championship.

Come join us! We are actively recruiting for attorneys and administrative positions.

See our Careers Page for our current openings.


Alex Gertsburg, Esq.

Here’s a twofer: 

  1. We love spontaneous travel – or at least we did pre-Covid. Now we’re going to Google and U.S. Embassy pages to see what travel restrictions look like in any country we want to visit. I just discovered these details collated in one place. Here’s a color-coded map of all current travel restrictions around the world.
  2. For you history geeks out there, check out this utterly fascinating Year-By-Year History of Europe.

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