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Common Sense is Not Common Practice

Once in a while, someone puts a whole bunch of my favorite personal growth lessons in one place.  Jim Kwik – the Brain Coach – did just that with this video (disregard the click-bait title).

I especially like the  “grade yourself on a scale of 0-10 in each area” concept. 

Fairly dummy-proof and easy to administer.  Good stuff.

-Alex Gertsburg, Esq. 



Biden Signs Executive Order Limiting Enforcement of Non-Compete Agreements

Late last week, President Biden signed an Executive Order directing the Federal Trade Commission to consider additional rules to either ban or limit non-compete agreements. The text of the Order “encourage[s]” the FTC to “consider” using its authority to “curtail the unfair use of non-compete clauses.”  Like any EO, the implementation will rely heavily on: the FTC’s interpretation of the Order; new rules adopted as a result of the order; and whether any new rules survive legal challenges.

The EO does not impact the current state of the law or enforceability of non-competition agreements and does not require employers to modify their existing non-competition agreements. It’s impossible to know for certain what future rulemaking will look like (or when it will be implemented), but there are steps you can take to ensure your business is prepared, including:

– A thorough review of your confidentiality/non-disclosure/non-solicitation agreements;
– An audit of your employee and executive pay to ensure you remain competitive;
– Ensuring your IP/trade secret/confidential information is properly secured.

Once the FTC puts out its recommendations, we will follow up with the implications for your business. Until then, please contact us directly to discuss how you can prepare for these changes.

– Louis J. Licata, Esq., Managing Partner


New Pod Alert!

Alex recently connected with the Founder of Up2 Foundation, Adam Kaufman who shared how leaders must prepare for adversity and how to best navigate the personal and professional hurdles every CEO encounters. With help from his support network, Kaufman decided to take action to become a better leader and example for his daughter. Hear his story on CEO Confidential.

Also, you can download all the episodes and listen anytime!


Rate Hikes Cometh: Is Now the Time to Borrow to Finance an Acquisition?

Whether the current inflationary pressure is a result of a stressed supply chain or an overstimulated economy (or both), the Federal Reserve is taking note. This week, the board released its most recent meeting minutes and reaffirmed its intention to raise interest rates beginning in 2023 (though the Street is anticipating a hike as early as 2022). Though the increase won’t be sharp, it will have a noticeable impact. So, with the probability of higher borrowing rates on the horizon, potential borrowers may be wondering if now is the time to take advantage of favorable credit conditions to finance the purchase of a business.

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Armrest Etiquette

Now that we’re flying again, time to put this debate to rest!  Here, at last, is the Definitive Global Airplane Armrest Allocation Rules.  Finally!

– Alex Gertsburg, Esq. 


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