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Simple Steps to Keep Liability Limited to Your LLC

Many companies chose to operate as a limited liability company (LLC) to keep the company owners from exposure to the business’s liabilities in the event of financial or legal problems. But how do you make sure your company keeps its LLC status?

To keep your LLC protected from similar issues, and to learn how the newly enacted Revised Limited Liability Company Act impacts filing and maintenance requirements for Ohio LLCs, read this week’s Legal Fix.  

-Eugene Friedman, Esq.



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Life-Changing Stuff

Two books have changed my life recently. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not. Really profound stuff here. 

They are:

-The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, by Jim Dethmer, et al. Dethmer is one of the founders of the Conscious Leadership Group. I’ve been totally obsessed with them since I stumbled upon them from this post by investment genius Graham Duncan (whose other posts are pretty amazing too).

-Leadership and Self-Deception by the Arbinger Institute. This one produced a series of “holy crap” moments for me that are now impossible to un-know. Here, from the Blinkist app (which I highly recommend), are a few of them:

  • As leaders, we can deceive ourselves by exaggerating our own needs and virtues while simultaneously magnifying the flaws and faults of others. This distorted view makes us more prone to blame others in times of friction.
  • Because of confirmation bias, we actively look for and come up with excuses and reasons to bolster our worldview, and actively seek out and even provoke faults in others so as to justify our own low view of them.
  • When things go awry, we see others as inferior to ourselves, so we tend to naturally blame them. This of course makes them feel like they are being treated unfairly, which makes them defensive. They naturally begin to emphasize our faults, while inflating their own virtues in order to feel better about themselves. (Do you see the cycle here?)
  • One way to address these negative biases and confirmation biases is to always act on our instinct to help others.
  • Leaders must actively and intentionally view others as equal human beings with valid needs and desires, instead of as mere objects.

-Alex Gertsburg, Esq. 


Seeking Financial Advisors

Our client, a Cleveland-based Registered Investment Advisor, is looking for experienced individuals to join their advisory team. Ideal candidates will be passionate about creating client relationships, have a strategic mindset, and have an enthusiastic personality. Open positions within this company are:

– Corporate Retirement Plan Advisor
– Financial Planner/Wealth Advisor

Interested? Check out the details here.

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Think Better. Be Better.

Three places that lead you to better thinking:
– Here’s another list of good critical thinking questions
– Here’s the ultimate cheat sheet for critical thinking


-Alex Gertsburg, Esq.

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