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My Volunteer Did What?

By February 14, 2018No Comments

Are you a leader in the non-profit world, that attended our lunch-and-learn “A Brave New World: Strategic and Legal Issues for Today’s Non-Profit” at Playhouse Square last year? We are pleased to share with you the presentation on Volunteer Management by GLF Attorney Mark Turner.

What was covered in this talk:

Volunteers are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations. However, volunteers cannot be managed or controlled the way an employee can. By using volunteer guidelines, background checks, and smart management, an NPO can protect itself against well-intentioned, but wayward volunteers. These same types of procedures should also be utilized for employees. They include:

  • Drafting basic employee and volunteer guidelines.
  • Recognizing special situations where volunteers must either be managed, or background checks must be employed.
  • Insurance considerations when dealing with volunteers
  • Cautionary tales with solutions

Watch the presentation here:

YouTube video

Mark’s PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here: Volunteer Management Presentation Slides 


About the Presenter

Mark Turner began practicing law in 2002.  He spent over 13 years with the Cleveland firm of Gallagher Sharp, primarily as a litigator, before venturing on his own and then landing at The Gertsburg Law Firm in 2017.  Before becoming an attorney, he worked as a financial manager for a small business after earning his MBA.  Mr. Turner understands the challenges facing small business owners, which allows him to be an advisor, as well as provide valuable legal information.  With over 20 years’ experience in the business and legal worlds, he strives to find timely cost-effective solutions rather than spending valuable resources to win at all costs.  Mr. Turner has represented a diverse array of clients from Fortune 500 companies to small business and individuals.

Mr. Turner’s practice includes litigation, business advising, non-profit consulting and probate.  His business background and legal training offer a unique set of skills to help protect and grow businesses, ensure contract proposals are properly drafted and current contracts are fair, mitigate risks and analyze the cost/benefit of new endeavors.

Beyond the practice of law, Mr. Turner is the proud father of two active children.  He is active in several non-profit organizations including being a board member of Open Doors Academy and legal advisor for Third World Books. Having played hockey his entire life, he currently coaches youth hockey in Cleveland Heights and still takes to the ice competitively himself.


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