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Sage Advice

I’ve been obsessed with Naval Ravikant lately.  If you haven’t heard of him, he’s a modern-day sage of wealth-building and life philosophy. Every podcast he appears on, every tweet he tweets, is choc-full of wisdom and practical advice on investing, business and securing peace of mind.  It’s strange how once in a while, over the course of one’s life, you come across a voice that speaks to you with such clarity that every word has meaning, where every listen or reading literally makes you a better person.  Naval is that voice for me today.

From his Wikipedia page:  “Naval Ravikant is an Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman and former CEO of AngelList. He has invested early-stage in over 200 companies including  Uber, FourSquare, Twitter,, Poshmark, Postmates, Thumbtack, Notion, SnapLogic, Opendoor, Clubhouse, Stack Overflow, Bolt, OpenDNS, Yammer, and Clearview AI, with over 70 total exits and more than 10 Unicorn companies.”

If you want a great entrée into this cat’s world, listen to his second interview with Tim Ferriss here, or read The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness.  You will NOT be disappointed.

-Alex Gertsburg, Esq. 


Apply Now: Millions Remain in State Business Grants

Last month, the State of Ohio announced an additional influx of funds to support businesses. A total of $310 million is being offered across four grant programs to help new businesses established in 2020, including food and beverage establishments, entertainment venues, and lodging venues.

Check out the full details here and contact us directly with any questions about where your company may qualify for assistance.

– Louis J. Licata, Esq.


On Doing Things Right…

This week on CEO Confidential, Alex chats with Michael Cantor, Managing Director of Allegro Real Estate Brokers & Advisors, about how to transition to a people-focused business that values putting clients first. In the episode, Michael shares a story about a pivotal time when his company’s leadership made the commitment to its people and their clients, and as such, two of Michael’s partners needed to make an exit from the firm.

Listen now or download for later.

Alex is seeking the stories of the moments that have challenged and shaped the entrepreneurial journey of CEOs and founders from all over NEO. If there is a business leader you’d like to hear from, let us know and we’ll invite them to share their story.



Sometimes it’s easy to miss the great going on around us. This story in is one of those great things. Believe in Dreams is a wonderful organization doing amazing things for disadvantaged youth in Northeast Ohio. Launched in 2014 by Cleveland entrepreneur John DiJulius (check out his CEO Confidential episode), Believe in Dreams grants wishes for disadvantaged youth. Since its inception, the organization has granted over 400 wishes, helping children realize their dreams through enriching opportunities and providing connection to the community and hope for the future. Dreamers are nominated by teachers, school counselors, coaches, anyone who works with a child (aside from their own family), and have suffered some form of non-medical trauma including extreme poverty, grief, community, school, or domestic violence; have incarcerated parents or live in a non-parental custody situation. Selected Dreamers are connected with Dream Makers, who help to make what are typically humble requests come true. It’s really fantastic, important work.

To help this amazing organization, please consider attending the A Night of Dreams Gala & Auction on August 28th, and be sure to check out their website to find out how you can help make dreams come true or to nominate a Dreamer for the program.


Seeking Assistant General Counsel

Our client, a growing management company of a leading consumer automotive sales group with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, is seeking an Assistant General Counsel with 6+ years of corporate/transactional experience to join their legal department. The position will join a 4-attorney collegial legal team, requiring meaningful experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and commercial contracts. The ideal candidate will have corporate/M&A experience in a private practice setting or a combination of private practice and in-house, with demonstrated success in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

Interested? Check out the details here.

Also, visit our website to learn more about Gertsburg Licata Talent’s executive search solutions.


99 Reasons . . .

In the March 11 edition of THE FIX, we introduced you to Kevin Kelley, co-founder of Wired Magazine, bestselling author on technology and economic trends, former long-time publisher of the Whole Earth Catalogs, co-founder of the Hackers’ Conference, among many other endeavors. Like Naval, he’s another utterly fascinating guy. In addition to his advice list from the March 11 issue, check out this more recent “99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice”.   

– Alex Gertsburg, Esq. 

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