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Happy New Year, Folks!


I generally follow the Larry David three-day “Happy New Year” statute of limitations, but since this is our first FIX of the year, I requested and granted us a brief extension.

As we’re halfway through January, many folks are well into abandoning their resolutions from a few weeks ago. Still, I find it useful to consider and reflect on some resolution concepts that have been helpful this time of year, particularly in our and our clients’ businesses.

1) Gary Klaben, a wildly successful entrepreneur and business coach, described a practice he performs on an annual basis that’s focused entirely on analyzing his habits: identifying them, assessing their usefulness, questioning them, updating them, and optimizing them. (Here’s that interview; the habit discussion comes in around 1:07). James Clear, the samurai ninja habit-former and -breaker, tweaks and formalizes this process nicely with his Habit Scorecard method, which then levels up with his Habit Tracker. I use all three methods from Gary and James and find them transformative.

2) Tim Ferriss has a really powerful annual review that starts by looking backward – using your calendar and your notes – to identify the top 20% of the events, people, and things that gave you the most energy and productivity and power, and the bottom 20% of the events, people and things that wasted your time or drained your energy, emotion, and mood. Once the review is completed, you optimize the new year by actively increasing the top 20% and eliminating the bottom 20%. (Pro-tip: once you list your top and bottom, prioritize those and start with the biggest boosters and drains and work your way down. Even if you maximize just one or two boosters and eliminate one or two drainers, you’ve just set yourself up for a much better future.) 

3) The Gertsburg Licata team starts our weekly all-hands and leadership meetings with Wins for the past week. It gets the room into the most resourceful and productive mindset, which gives our discussions and our days the mental energy they deserve. We add firepower to this practice by recording our wins in a rolling journal. I do the same with my weekly planner. Throughout the year and especially around New Year’s (but also whenever anyone just needs an emotional pick-me-up), a review of the Wins list produces a tremendous confidence boost, which helps immensely when creating future plans. For a mind-bending twist on this practice, check out Dan Sullivan’s lessons on the Gap and the Gain here, and in his new book here.

Mindset is everything.

GL Attorneys 2022 SuperLawyers

Congratulations to our 2022 Super Lawyers for their outstanding work in their practice of law!

Louis Licata

Alex Gertsburg

Maximilian Julian

Eugene Friedman

Super Lawyers, part of Thomson Reuters is a rating standard of outstanding lawyers who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. This selection process includes independent research, peer nominations, and peer evaluations.

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New Year! New Opportunities!

Are you an independent auto-dealer seeking an exit or high-level changes? If so, we have a buyer ready to make an offer. Here are the details: 

  • Industry: Independent Auto Dealerships
  • Purchase Criteria: Used/Independent Auto Dealerships; Profitability a plus but not required; Strong management team a plus, but not required
  • EBITDA: $500k-10MM
  • Location: Ohio

To find out more details or set up a consultation, contact us here.

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Administrative Services Management / Non-Profit Candidate

We have a dynamic candidate with management expertise ready to join an organization and help make your business a success in 2022. If you’re interested in learning more about this candidate, please contact us at [email protected]. Or, if they are not a fit for your organization, but you are seeking top executive talent, please contact us to discuss your recruitment needs. 

Potential Candidate: Looking for Administrative Services Management / Non-Profit

  • 17 years of experience related to managing new hire training, working closely with other banking regulators to increase collaboration, managing the day-to-day balancing of a brand-new payment provider, and managing a team of financial analysts responsible for several US Treasury budgets.
  • Oversees department communications, record retention, US Treasury background screenings, SharePoint site administration, learning and development, new hire onboarding, software and hardware procurement, and purchases in a rapidly growing department. 
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a major in Business Administration from The University of Mount Union and a Master of Business Administration from Cleveland State University.    
  • Ready to interview.


How to Foster ‘Shoshin’


One of the most powerful concepts for creativity, mindfulness, and problem-solving is the Japanese Zen idea of Shoshin, or “beginner’s mind”. I’ve found this learning practice to be simultaneously simple and complex, easy-to-do but difficult to remember, elegant and fundamental but totally ego-disrupting. Here’s a really well-written explanation and how-to guide from Psyche.

To all the business leaders, entrepreneurs, and friends we know, here’s to an amazing 2022!

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