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We help current and prospective franchisee owners navigate the entire licensing process—from choosing the right franchise opportunity to exiting a franchiser’s system.

Being a franchise owner is loaded with various types of decisions and transactions. Not only do these decisions and transactions have important legal consequences, they also play an integral part in how a franchisee operates their franchise(s) and their ultimate business plan. Any potential or current franchisee owner is generally concerned with three things:

  • How do you start?
  • How do you open, operate and grow?
  • How do you exit (sell)?

We understand each of these phases and offer specific transaction services each step of the way.

Franchisee Startup

We understand the process of becoming a franchisee and can guide you through each step of the startup process:

  • Choosing a concept
  • FDD and Franchise Agreement Review
  • Financing and Funding
  • Organizational Agreements

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Once the franchise agreement is signed and funding is in place, focus shifts to opening your new business. Two of the most important issues a franchisee must address:

  • Real estate–finding the right place at the right cost.
  • Staffing your business.

Concerning real estate, it is important to understand your space requirements and your buildout costs. Whether the real estate transaction is a commercial lease or a commercial property purchase and build, there are many legal and business issues that need to be addressed in the various commercial real estate documents.

Staffing your franchise business is always a great challenge. Once your staffing is complete, it is important to make sure you are set up to effectively manage your employees. Our attorneys can help you navigate the labor and employment laws every franchise owner must comply with to ensure their business remains in compliance with state and federal laws.


At some point every franchise owner will want to either 1) expand their business by buying an existing franchise, or 2) sell their business. There are many important steps from the decision to buy/sell until the close of the transaction. Failure in the due diligence process or not having certain terms in the purchase and sale agreements can have a lasting impact.

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